Archiwum dla miesiąca: July 2019

Lean healthcare workshops

There was a meeting on Saturday 20.07.2019 connected people that are enthusiast of lean management. It was another meeting from series Lean is for people lead by Krzysztof Dobrowolski.  It was my first meeting and opportunity to lead the workshops. Our common goal was to know more and exchange our experience from lean management field. I’m very appreciated that I could took part in this event and share my best practices.

The event was dedicated for healthy way of life and how lean in healthcare can improve processes- not the tools but the way of thinking. Thanks to Optinav company we had great chance to see production process of medical devices and solutions.

Some people thinks that lean management is just a tool that can standardize processes and solve problems in organization. When we do that we just extinguish the fire, not looking for the root cause of the problem. This is short-term actions that can generate overprocessing and low efficiency.

I presented the way of value stream mapping of clinical process in hospital using 4.0 med- technology. Due to limited time and high interest of subject I decided to focus on wastes, problems and their root causes.

We did short map of patient flow in hospital and then I show the potential of real lean management approach. We analyzed process from two sides:

  • client perspective which has got expectations, experiences (positive or negative), some doubts
  • company- producer perspective

We generate 106 problems that could occured in our mapped process, which could cause:

  • additional costs
  • stop process
  • break the process
  • delay
  • mistakes

This lead us to create new solutions how to prevent all this problems and control the process.

In order to understand patient expectations we should remember about basic rules in communication, understanding and interpretation. Thanks to creative workshop I did in next phase all team had chance to experience how difficult is to collect and understand what patient has in mind, want and expect.

The more we know, collect measurable criteria, know the priorities, rely of facts not opinions, our imaginations then the easier we can fulfill expectations.

It was very creative and cheerful workshop.