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Lean healthcare academy is set up of 4 two-day meetings. During them participants will have possibility to increase competencies of lean healthcare area and project management of lean topics in hospitals. Workshops are especially dedicated for medical staff and hospital top management.

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Workshops are based on process analysis, observations and collecting data so it will be possible to create new potential solutions and ideas. The result of it will be design or re-design existing clinical process taking into account lean healthcare aspects. It will lead to perform process on higher level of quality, financial effectiveness and patient safety.




Workshop will present systemic approach to problem solving, mistakes and adverse events that occurs in hospitals, laboratories and other medical units. The purpose is to problem root cause analysis RCA, identifying improvement actions CAPA. Team will learn about set of lean healthcare tools as: 5WHY, A3 report, 8D report, Ishikawa diagram. Next step will be to define potential solutions, priority and financial profitability. Effective analysis has to be connected with potential risks evaluation, that can occurs in clinical processes.


The purpose is to analyze actual state of risk management system in organization and to indicate aspects that can be improved. The result is implementation of selected tools for risk management in medical unit, risk management plan and improvement actions which affects on process cost. During workshops will be conducted risk evaluation in defined medical process having regard to countermeasures plan and CAPA actions.


Workshops are based on analysis of human resources in company and indicate which one are critical to maintain business continuity. The results is design competency matrix for chosen process, taking into account critical employee competencies, development potential, training plan especially internal training plan and motivating system.



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We support analysis and process improvement in hospitals. The potential effects are improving financial effectiveness, more value added in process and following standarization.

Our support concerns chosen clinical process, taking into account process observation, data analysis, actual problem identification and improvement actions that can be implemented after risk evaluation. During our work we use expertise of lean healthcare projects and technology innovations that could be potentially implemented into the process as: VR- virtual reality, AR- augmented reality, AI- artificial intelligence, IoMT- internet of medical things and more.


We support companies in business transformation, identify appropriate  management system in medical unit, considering market requirements, lean healthcare solutions that have impact on cost reduction. It enables company to transition on higher level of process maturity. So it would be potentially possible to implement industry 4.0 technology.


We support quality management system in hospital with lean healthcare aspects. Quality management maintenance should be based on continuous improvement and systemic approach. Quality management is not a silos in organization but element that complements clinical processes, resource management and safety.

Our offer can be used in whole organization or just chosen process. Our experience is based on actual standards of ISO 9001:2015, PN-EN 15224:2017 and lean healthcare. Quality management in hospital can have an impact on financial results. We support in:

  • preparation of documentation,
  • internal communication of quality system
  • process identification
  • preparing procedures and standarization
  • risk evaluation
  • conducting trainings,
  • selection of right tools and methods of quality management and process optimization




We support in resources and stock management in medical units. Actions are based on analysis of warehouse stock system, defining optimum stock level and checking possibilities of KANBAN implementation. The potential result is less costs in warehouse management process and better use of resources.


We support in process of improving patient/ client satisfatcion of medical services. The basis is client profile identification, communication analysis, especially between medical staff and patient, conducting observations and presentation of aspects that can interrupt communication and implementation of improvements. Good communication between doctors and nurses can reduce errors, adverse events and lead to less stressfull work. Improving skills for right reaction in process of communicaton with colleagues, clients and patients  is very important part of safety.





Lean Process Katarzyna Zlotowska

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