Archiwum dla miesiąca: July 2017

Lean management conference

Science project lean management

June 26  took place summative conference of research phase of project “LeanOZ- lean management in healthcare” which was organized by Polish Society of Health Economics.  The conference was under the patronage of Ministry of Health in Poland and University President of Warsaw Medical University. In conference took part different groups, as medical staff, patients, healthcare managers, CEO of hospitals, representative of National Health Fund and The Agency for Health Technology Assessment and Tariff System. It was very interesting, full of know how event, where presented outputs from research phase of project.

This is approach which organizes clinical processes in innovative way, taking into account not just process costs, also safety of participants in process. Main goal to use this approach is to make shorter patient lead time in the process, in which is present value added without wastes. If we make shorter lead time, diagnosis can be made earlier, patient treatment is faster and place where medial services are available are organized better, in safety and efficient way.

Value stream mapping

During conference discussed lean in health care and need for using innovative approach in polish hospitals. Some subjects were presented in details, as:

  • Critical parameters of brain stroke process treatment and possibilities of use lean management in brain stroke treatment
  • Strengths and weaknesses of lean management approach in polish health care
  • Local map of medical sources
  • Standardization of places where medical services are present
  • Actual state map and future state map
  • Calculation of potential profits for lean healthcare implementation

Essential element concerned results of chosen lean healthcare tools implemented in:

  • The Institute of Psychiatry and Neurology in Warsaw
  • Medical-Diagnostic Center in Siedlce
  • Emergency Department in Hospital Kopernik in Lodz

Based on searching and analysis prepared standards for value stream mapping in healthcare version 1.0, which are base for further discussion and possibilities of implementation this tool in polish hospitals.

Lean healthcare approach strive for improving clinical processes and:

  • To interest of patient as main “aspect” in process treatment
  • Elimination bottlenecks
  • Better time management for medical staff and increase time dedicated for patient
  • Make conform diagnosis and correct process treatment, without re-operation, complications and adverse events
  • Appropriate mistake analysis and root causes elimination
  • Optimal use of resources which are present in medical unit

It is worth to consider value stream mapping in own hospital. The results gives a lot of advantages and leads to improving processes. If process it well designed, patient receives treatment faster and medical staff can be more focused on concrete treatment, which let us to decrease risks.