Archiwum dla miesiąca: April 2016

Lean Management at healthcare conference

At last monday took place conference, that has opened national project “Lean management in health care”, organized by Polish Society of Health Economics in Warsaw-18.04.2016. The main purpose of project is to creation and standarization National Standards for Value Stream Mapping in polish health care.

During conference, there was few presentations about interesting case studies connected with lean management in health care. LeanHospitals also presented case study about visual management project in hospital. We were talking about clinical processes, which  in order to optimalize, have to be mapped, described in details, analyzed and define key perfoRmance indicators (KPI) for continuous improvement. Also methodology 5S was interesting topic with practical examples.

During the conference, I’ve presented 2 models which were created during my project in healthcare in hospital. First model talks about clinical processes in lean healthcare approach. In order to safety process realization important is experIenced medical personnel with qualifications and knowledge. For staff, which is new, mentoring process is important thing. Older and more experIenced colleagues from operating theatre should teach and show the best practices in daily work. Good leader is a person which others follow to, want to cooperate, because they see that leader is open minded, patient and motivating not just commanded. Good team has influence on quality level of treatment process.Patient is main “element” in the process, in which are problems. They should be analyzed and eliminated. Before we will find good solution, we should take deep breathe and understand the problem. Not always thoughts in patient mind are well understood. When we fail in this step, we will take wrong corrective actions, which won’t give you positive results. Also we should use lean management tools as 5why, Pareto, Ishikawa diagram, FMEA etc. When we know well the process, we can every day enhances it. In complete model good communication is an aspect that ensures smoothly process flow. Thanks to that level of safety processes is high, we can improve them and adapt to patient expectations, which won’t make worse effectiveness.

Below I’m presenting Model of health care processes in lean hospitals approach

Next model, which I’ve created during projects is Model of patient relation in clinical process in lean hospitals structure.

I show you actual model, in which physician is in the middle of treatment process. Patient, which also is involved has hinder availability to physician, is confused and frightened. He feels alone in the process, without any support. This patient is waiting for new treatment or next step in this treatment. Sometimes an appointment has got risks, that patient won’t be good understood, doctor will do correction without eliminating the root cause of the problem, of disease. Of course it’s not always possible because medical service is  not homogeneous service, immaterial and unsustainable, so we cannot predict the results in 100%.

The new model I propose is innovative model. This time Patient is in centre of interest for clinical process. Where go patient, there goes “value”.Patient come in to hospital with problem and purpose. Also this type of patient has got some fear but is aware about his disease and well educated. With respect to that he take active part in clinical process, in which he smoothly flow from one step to the next step, using lean management tools and approach. Based on partnership cooperation physician with patient and his family, some solutions are defined, so the patient feels better, is pleased and feel co-responsible for treatment.