Archiwum dla miesiąca: March 2016

Polish hospital as the best case study of Lean Enterprise

As Project Manager I was awarded the prize for Regional Nephrology Centre as one of the best  lean project in healthcare in Poland.

Project was evaluated by the best experts of lean:

Mike Orzen

Chris Vogel

Samuel Obara

GEMBA walk

How can you be sure that something works correct? Sitting in your cosy chair in your office doesn’t make you sure that clinical processes are conform. As doctor’s everyday do doctor’s round, so you can do the same and go where clinical processes are going on, where you can meet medical staff, talk with physicians, patients, technicians. By this way you will know much more that just working in your office. Don’t be afraid, you will win, because more information you can capture observing real processes than calculate it in excel file. For example you can check if 5S methodology works (for more information about that click here). GEMBA walk is one of few tool used in lean hospitals, lean healthcare philosophy.