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Dnia 5 January 2015, autor Katarzyna Złotowska

Lean Hospitals is a lean management philosophy which originates from lean manufacturing and lean management. Strongly associated with efficient approach towards clinical processes management. Initially used in production but afterwards it became popular in medical services. Today determined as lean hospitals it is concerned as lean management of hospital (every medical unit). Why did healthcare management considered methods we mentioned? It’s because simplicity involves cheap management tools introducing time and financial savings (eliminates waste).

Pros of this technique:

  • increases safety of patients and staff
  • simplifies clinical processes
  • shortens hospital stay
  • rationalise work of medical staff
  • reduces costs of medical services and functions in medical units
  • boosts business efficiency

Stosowanie narzędzi szczupłego zarządzania pozwala na lepszą współpracę zespołu medycznego. Poszczególne narzędzia można stosować do wybranych procesów, niekoniecznie kompleksowo.

What do we improve?

  • shortening distance made by nurses or ward nurses during activities like administering medications or changing beddin
  • speeding up information flow amid reception desk, patient, family and physician
  • support exact order of ward, surgery, reception desk, utility rooms
  • unify and simplify instruments sterilization process
  • reduce storage space of dressings and medications. Maintain financial liquidity.

Above mentioned improvements are few out of many that we can frequently observe in hospitals around UK, United States or Japan. Lean hospitals is a completely new approach and its derivative techniques originating in todays production can easily evoke doubts. In contrast, it may give rise of rewarding benefits creating another dimension by way of treatment and medical process management.


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