Communication with patient

Dnia 23 July 2016, autor Katarzyna Złotowska

Working in healthcare consists of numerous relations with patients, their families and close relatives. Work is stressful and includes difficult requirements and situations. Communication in clinical processes is essential for medical services. Communication is strictly connected with treatment results  and as an  essential factor and it is important to make it as smooth, uninterrupted and flawless. Communication can be verbal and nonverbal. Today there is a lot of communication methods. Modern and intelligent technology allows for fast, legible contact but is it understandable? Is everything what I say coherent for listener?

Communication is also a kind of behaviour. Last my observations, while I was standing in queue to registration in hospital, shows that it is not so easy. Patient is not easy customer, wants everything fast, no queue, no waiting, without any good manners. I think that situation in which person is a patient, use medical services, is not in comfortable situation. This people are helpless and stressed. We cannot accept anger but we should try to understand them. There is 4 type of patients:

Unaware patient doesn’t think about symptoms and physicians recommendation . Put off visit and try to cure by themselves. We should educate this patient.

Neutral patient talk small, no react, could be paralyzed because of fear, maybe powerless? You as physician, nurse or secretary should be open minded and kind, explain calmly all recommendations.

Patient which lay claims to hospital has got excessive expectations, can be oversensitive. Conversation with that type of patient could be long and not nice.

An arrogant patient could be agressive patient. Is full of pretensions and regrets. The best solution is not to discuss, better is stay calm, ignoring all quarrel.

Patient doesn’t has just rights but also duties, one of them is cultural behavior. Below is presented model of healthcare processes- lean hospitals, in which communication is one of the most important elements in good conducted service.

Why we meet conflicts every day in medical life, between patients and medical personnel? The root cause  is wrong communication 2 people on different personality states.  Each state is characterised different behaviour.

When two persons talk to each other, being on different personality states, don’t understand each other, conflict is next step. There are 3 types of states: I as parent, I as child, I as adult. Good communication makes easier clinical process optimization.


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