Hospitals tour – Germany

Dnia 23 November 2016, autor Katarzyna Złotowska

During Second Polish – German Health Summit on 17-18.11.2016 participants have possibility to visit some hospitals. Group visited 3 hospitals in Germany:

  • Greifswald University Hospital
  • Heart and Diabetes Centre, Karlsburg Hospital
  • AMEOS Hospital Anklam

Hospital in Greifswald was presented by Mr Marek Zygmunt. This medical unit has 926 beds for patients and it is clinical, multispecialistic, iniversity hospital, which enrolls 130 thousands ambulatory patient per year and 36 thousands stationery patients per year. This is very advanced complex of buildings, which also uses lean healthcare tools. Some of the building are far away of each other, even 300 meters, so that used pneumating tubes solution, which can send blood samples and drugs over 10m/sec. During weekends tak place about 20 to 40 teleconsultation, in professional adapted room. This is clinical process optimization. In many places we can meet visual management elements, as:

  • 5S
  • Defined material holding areas organization
  • use of color for signs and marking
  • different colours for blood samples
  • procedures and instructions presented in more “user-friendly” way
  • well designed layout/ infrastructure
  • great signed corridors, showing direction
  • using the most innovative logistic solution, as automated vehicle guided, for transport food, rubbish, bedding and more
  • andon systems


Hospital in Karlsburg is modern place, which specializes in cardiovascular disorders and diabetes. Hospital was presented by Hospital Director, Prof. Dr. med. Hans- Georg Wollert. Every year 2500 cardiac and vascular surgeries and more than 5000 cardiological interventions are performed. 900 cases open heart surgery. About 2000 diabetes patients. Hospital has got modern operating theatre and use innovative valves. The oldest patient was 97 years old! This medical unit manage effectively of clinical processes, connlusion that conduct operation is cheaper and better that chronic patient treatment is real.


Next hospital was AMEOS Hospital in Anklam. We met with pleasant and warm reception. Top managements as well as medical staff were really involved in hospital presentation. Hospital  dispose of 101 patient beds, also has implemented some solution from lean healthcare area:

  • light and signal andon solution- opening door at every hospital ward
  • 5S- well organized documents and forms and disposable materials
  • Visual management, washrooms


In cocnlusion very hospital was big inspiration and fresh look for management, organization and approach for the patient, taking into account polish- german cooperation. Using len healthcare we can eliminate wastes which occurs in processes. It allows to reduce delays, raise level of quality medical services and shorten payment period for performed service. Listed above examples of visual management in practice evidenced that  tool is also needed for reduction of   “information  deficit” in workplace [ Galsworth Gwendolyn, Visual workplace, Visual thinking (Portland, OR: Visual-Lean Enterprise press, 2005) 13]. It is important of process management and understanding client expectations. Not just end client but internal. Physician should organize his work in order to deliver service to patient in smoothly way, taking into account internal recipients and coworkers which contributes to process realization.

Managers of medical units should think about issues with lean healthcare approach. Think about:

  • What problems are urgent and needed fast solution?
  • If our problem is real problem?
  • How current processes can be develop into processes with lean healthcare philosophy?



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